Are You Being Too Much?

Listen to this article Dearest reader. I have a confession to make. Although I come across transparently as some kind of divine, beautiful, prolific, charming, delicious, hovering, glowing, idea-generating sky daddy, I am in fact a (kind of) human being. I have flaws like anyone. One of the flaws typical of Gods like Jupiter, Dagr … Continue reading Are You Being Too Much?

Reviewing Each of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

The look of a man wrestling with a jar of pickled cucumbers Because the four of you who regularly check in on my blog seem to love my self-aggrandising Jordan Peterson posts so much, I have decided to give a review of each of his 12 rules for life. Why should you care about my … Continue reading Reviewing Each of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

How Much Should You Give To Charity?

Credit Those of you who follow me on Facebook may know that I've been re-evaluating my charitable giving. Here is the conclusion of that re-evaluation process.I'm putting this up publicly because I hope it encourages others to donate too. I also hope that other people read this and can add to their perspectives on … Continue reading How Much Should You Give To Charity?

New Video Series – Mungo Investigates

Hi all! I am making a new video series for the duration of the lockdown, and maybe beyond. It's called "Mungo Investigates" and in it I attempt to answer your complex philosophical, historical or political questions in a single take. The first episode is out, and in it I answer the question "Does the arc … Continue reading New Video Series – Mungo Investigates

Is Halo 1 Still A Masterpiece?

Those of you who have been following me on other channels may know that I have been playing through some slightly older games recently. I finished Dark Souls last month, and have been whipping and thwacking my way through Bloodborne bit by bit. Halo is much older than these. It was a childhood favourite. My … Continue reading Is Halo 1 Still A Masterpiece?