It’s a simple process:

1. Private school paid for by parents.
2. Friends with grammar school kids, whose parents could afford high local house prices.
3. Private tutoring paid for by parents.
4. Gap year paid for through bar work. And parents.
5. Top university recognises brilliant grades and life experience.
6. Fees, rent, food paid for by parents.
7. Internship. Paid. By parents.
8. Specialist training institute recognises great references from internship.
9. Contact from private/grammar school recognises wealth of experience. Get onto fast track for new job.
10. Small flat in London paid for by parents.
11. Higher paid job.
12. Sell flat at hight of boom.
13. Higher paid job.
14. Buy fancy house during recession.
15. Become member of renumeration board. Raise pay for executives.
16. Become executive in recognition of brilliant work on renumeration board.
17. Become senior Conservative/New Labour politician.
18. I am a self-made man.
19. The tax system is perfectly fair.
20. The tax system is too fair.
21. You’re all jealous.
22. If you read the newspapers my friends own, then you would know that all the problems of this country are because of poor people.
23. Capitalism is meritocratic.
24. I’m not right wing. Some of my best friends are women.
25. Become member of house of Lords.
26. I’m only right wing to stop UKIP.
27. I’m not against immigration. I’m against providing education to the children of immigrants.
28. If you compare my life condition now to how it was when I was a child then actually I was raised in poverty.
29. I wrote a hilarious column in Times2 about me not listening to my wife.
30. My problem as Prime Minister was that I cared too much about hard working folk at the bottom rung of the ladder.

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