Lets Play… You Decide!!!

Last week I filmed a Lets Play with Lewis Dunn. A “Lets Play” is when one or more persons plays a game. They put a video of it onto the internet for people to view and listen to the hilarious and enlightening things they say. Or in our case to laugh at my ineptitude with motion controls:

The filming of that particular game is now over. But fortunately I have two of humanity’s greatest medieval life simulators and I want to share them with you.

Just to qualify, I am crap at filming things and do not know how to edit footage, as my abandoned YouTube channel suggests:

So I will not be filming my Lets Play. What I will be doing is making diary entries as if I am an actual character, reporting my journey through the wonderful medieval world of murder, poverty, political intrigue and more murder. Lets Play entries will be here, on my blog. I will also be giving key choices over to you, my dear beloved readers. Choose by commenting on the article or on Facebook. You can even text me if you’re super keen. I’ll follow the popular mood. Or if you would prefer another method you can suggest it and I’ll follow it if it seems popular.

The first choice I have to offer you is which game. I can either play Crusader Kings II, a real-world dynasty simulator, starting any time from 1066 (or earlier if I buy DLC), and taking place anywhere in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East or the Indian subcontinent. I can be a count, a duke, a king, possibly an emperor, or a doge, or even the female equivalent. The really fun bit is that if I die, I get to become my own child (if I have one) and hope that I inherit my father’s/mother’s/self’s fiefdom. I also get to choose the personality and religion of the person I start off with, so I could be a French duchess who is a lustful, food-loving Buddhist. Of course, being a Buddhist duchess in medieval France would be insanely hard, but also hopefully insanely fun. I could be a historical character otherwise if you want me to be lame. I choose my own objectives, and the game ends when my family dies out, or in 1453, whichever comes first.

The other game is Mount and Blade: Warband. This is an “action” game set in the fictional land of Calradia. I start out as a nobody and can choose my own back-story. Then I can trade, take part in tournaments, gather a group of followers, attack local farmers, try to become a vassal, and maybe even become King or Queen. Although getting out of extreme poverty is very difficult. This game is insanely hard. It’s also made by approximately two people, and as a result horses may run into walls and I will never be able to hit anyone with an arrow. I choose my own objectives, but can also get quests from characters in the game, and there is no way to win or lose the game, just like in real life.

So which should I play? You decide.

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