Glad for:

Edinburgh Fringe

A pop culture binge

“Here’s to the future,
And here’s to the past,
To the things we’ve forgotten,
And spaces so vast,
‘Cause there’s nothing like living,
Or that’s what they say,
And I never know different,
And neither do they.”

An occasional crisp,

Eye contact,
Failing to rhyme,

“And my feelings are more than the thoughts in my head,
Oh no never not say them, I sing them instead,
‘Cause there’s nothing like nothing,
And nothing to me,
“The words are illusions and meanings are free,
And you’ll join me tomorrow or is it today?
Singing ‘here is the future,
And here we will stay.'”

Now the list of good things is incredibly meta,
‘Cause listing is good and post-modern means better,
Or at least it means something in Bioshock Three.
Or perhaps the true story flew up over me.

The Bioshock games were both clever and fun,
Yes both Bioshock Three there and Bioshock one,
Both floating cities with dastardly crew,
It’s a shame that they never made Bioshock 2.

And also “no”,
The word is essential to every good show,

So I’m glad that I know,
There ain’t nothin’ like “no”,
And I’m glad for blues music,
And the band Touch and Go.


Review aggregators,
People who know me even though I don’t know them,
Open source software,
Online distribution,
Fiscal redistribution,
Judge Dredd’s retribution,
Democratic evolution,
An easier than previously thought of solution,
To something that seemed far worse than it was.

And eyes. I wouldn’t be who I am without eyes.
And long runs.
And night time.
And all those piano lessons I never put any work into.
And living on the xbox for ten years or so.
Although I’m not glad about that.
At least.
That’s what I tell the people I think I should want to hear that.
If that makes any sense.
And even if it doesn’t.
I’m still glad.
For a lot of things.
Even some bad things.
Because they made everything the way it is.
And in the end.
Things aren’t so bad.
As they used to be.
And there’s plenty here to enjoy.
Also lipstick.
Tastes delicious.

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