Beauty. Makes me hungry.

-book. The working title is contained within one of my previous notes. The backup working title is contained within a future note. The book I’m writing is-

Bright moon burns my eyes.

Crinkle cut vegetarian.

Hell. Why are there so many typists here?

In order to make tall people feel more comfortable, DFS has made it policy to sell beds that are just slightly too small to average sized men and women.

Lewis Dunn is the closest thing I have to a God.

Magnetically yours.

Morality. What substance are you?

People naturally interrupt. That’s why-

There are those who cannot find love, those who can find love and keep it, and those who find local employment but pish it away.

There will be a time when the freaks and outcasts get a shot at power, and we’ll turn out to be corruptible just like the norms.

They haven’t mastered Ai until they can get a robot to put a duvet into its case.

This quest for knowledge. When does it end?

Twitter is a room filled haphazardly with screaming receipts.

When I go, keep writing notes.

Why so sad, pineapple man?

You might not see this, and you might not be in a place to reply. There is a lot of noise out here, I understand. But I want you to know that I think you’re awesome. I hope you can forgive me for being a flaming pine tree.

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