Why Mass Effect Morality is lame

The Mass Effect series is supposed to revolve around a dichotomy between being a "Paragon" - doing things by the book, following the rules and trying to be nice to everyone, and being a "Renegade" - doing things efficiently, breaking rules which get in your way, and getting the job done.   This breaks down … Continue reading Why Mass Effect Morality is lame

How to be a Mungo

People sometimes (genuinely) compliment me on my excessive Facebooking and my  style of conversation. And very occasionally, very unusual humans ask me how it is that I come up with whatever nonsense I've been putting about recently. If you are one of those statistical outliers, or you would like to learn about my process for any other reason, … Continue reading How to be a Mungo

I don’t care. I SO don’t care. (I really care.) (quick draft, fiction)

I am the queen of not caring. I will say anything and do anything. I don't swing to your banana. I don't rumble to your stream. I am my own breezy paper air-plane, floating on the wind. Nobody holds me. I glide. So don't think I'll be sitting in your groove. Don't expect me to … Continue reading I don’t care. I SO don’t care. (I really care.) (quick draft, fiction)

The man in the monkey (quick draft, poem)

There was a man inside a monkey. He saw the world through a monkey's eyes. He smelled all the smells that a monkey smelled. He felt the fur, bristling in the cold afternoon breeze. He tasted flies and other bugs. He conspired to be head of the monkey community. He was a monkey. A monkey. … Continue reading The man in the monkey (quick draft, poem)

Too many coats! (quick draft, fiction)

There are too many coats in my house. Too many people too. Why are the coats all so similarly coloured? I really can't stand the habit of making all coats various shades of black, olive green and really really dark blue. I mean, bollocks to that. I'm confused! They're everywhere. In the corridor, under the … Continue reading Too many coats! (quick draft, fiction)

Rules for new quick drafts (quick draft)

As far as possible, the quick draft must not be about the writer himself (or herself). This is the easiest source of writing material and it is also the laziest and possibly the least interesting for the reader. I spend my life in my own head analysing what I'm saying and what I'm thinking so … Continue reading Rules for new quick drafts (quick draft)

Fate, destiny, work (quick draft)

Hollywood films are obsessed with destiny. Neo must save humanity, Anakin must restore balance to the force,  John Connor must triumph against the machines. What is destiny? In films it is normally some kind of goal will inevitably be achieved. It is positive. Salvation. This is distinct from the destinies of the ancients, who were often doomed to … Continue reading Fate, destiny, work (quick draft)