Marketforce! – Free Download

New free game to download from HUMUNGO Games! Marketforce! is a game is about fighting emails, solving a mystery, and getting to the fourth floor. I made it as a parting gift for my colleagues when I left a B2B conference company called "Marketforce". Now it's available to download! It features an original score by Mungo Tatton-Brown. … Continue reading Marketforce! – Free Download

Why Video Games are Better than Reality

In a noisy bar, I'm introduced to a woman who's a colleague of a friend. We talk for a minute or so, she seems very nice, asks if I want to go outside and smoke. I consider going outside, bumming a cigarette, spluttering, then think this unwise. Instead say "I don't smoke, but I'd happily … Continue reading Why Video Games are Better than Reality

Jaguar – Free to Play Online

Hi folks! I hope you like the new set-up! I thought you might be interested in checking out the first ever game I made, back in a two week rush in October 2015. It's called Jaguar and it's an interactive short story. Before you download, I want you to know that it is far from perfect … Continue reading Jaguar – Free to Play Online