Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG – progress update

“How’s the game-making?” I hear you ask.

It’s enjoyable, thanks. Progressing. How are you?

“Yeah, I’m well. Just saw Fantastic Beasts, which I would give three stars.”

Cool. Yeah, I hear you can read Rowling’s writing as a justification for authoritarianism.

“I don’t know about that…”

*awkward pause*


“…Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG is your main project, right?”

Yep. Here’s a little precis:

Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG is currently in a complete but improvable state.

Story & characters are totally done.

Not game image.

Mechanics are almost entirely up to spec, but will be improved slightly.

Elderberry fishy bastard screenshot.png
Actual game image.

A very small amount of the game’s art will be improved upon.

Not game image. Or is it? No.

The game is close to being fully balanced.

Not game image.

The music needs a lot of work.

This and all the below are not game images.

I’m still doing regular (about monthly) one-on-one tests to inform further edits and direction.


Very little marketing has been done.

Modern Keyboard With Colored Social Network Buttons.
Not. In. Game. Image.

I have not started working towards publishing/sale.

Cute cat. Not in-game image.

That’s about it! Keep watching this space – I’ll let you know groovy game specifics soon.

Also there will be new articles and fiction too!

Three star films are the hardest to talk about because there’s the least to say.

“Not necessarily. Some elements are really good and some are really bad. The music was great, but nothing was at stake for the first fifty minutes or so.”

Was it better than Arrival?


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