This is a Fantastic Time to be Alive

Right. If you think everything in the world is awful and getting worse, it is very important that you see these graphs.
Right now, a higher proportion of the world’s population is outside extreme poverty than ever before. Extreme poverty is falling in both absolute and relative terms.
Right now, there are more literate people worldwide than ever before. That number is set to rise in both relative and absolute terms.
Right now, the global child mortality rate is lower than it has ever been.
Right now, representative democracy of some kind is the most common form of government in the world. Most people in the world today live in democracies. This has only been true since the mid-1990s.
Global fertility (births per women), has fallen by more than half in the past 50 years.
The younger cohort today is better educated than every cohort its age in history.
Why is this important? Well, we need to recognise that politics is not the beginning and end of everything. It may be the case that the current crop of leaders are worse at their job or more morally dubious than those that came before them. But that has been the case before. Sometimes, some forces of improvement have their own momentum.
Merry Christmas!

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