Munganism – The Philosophy of Mungo

screen-shot-2017-01-11-at-16-19-37Here are a few of my beliefs. Yes, I realise this is a narcissistic thing to do, but you guys keep feeding me with likes and love hearts.

  1. Nobody has any idea of what might happen tomorrow, or a year from now. Most of our conversations are after-the-fact explanations.
  2. These include mine.
  3. Clever people are often wrong in worse ways than stupid people because they are more confident.
  4. This includes me.
  5. Reason is generally used not to discover profound and meaningful truths but to explain and rationalise what our emotions have decided.
  6. This includes mine.
  7. No matter what one believes about human rationality, one is almost always less clued up than one thinks.
  8. Human beings are naturally prejudiced. Not being prejudiced is a learned process.
  9. The right generally understand the left better than the left understand the right.
  10. Often our beliefs about whether someone is making a good argument are significantly influenced by how much we like them.
  11. Our memories are incredibly unreliable.
  12. Believing any of the above does not resolve any of the above.
  13. There is no God.
  14. It is perfectly possible to believe all these things and be happy most of the time.
  15. Yes, I said I was clever above, well done, you win the prize.
  16. I can give explanations and justifications for any of this if you need me to.
  17. If you want a deeper understanding of Munganism, check out my free-to-download game, Marketforce!

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