Updated Free Interactive Story – Jaguar

Happy new year! This is an especially happy time for you, because you can download an entirely revamped thoroughly improved interactive story. And it’s completely free! And it’s playable on PC, Mac or any smartphone!

So what is Jaguar? I’ll try not to spoil it for you, but suffice to say, it’s got intrigue. It’s got action. And it’s got politicians swearing their heads off. If you want to find out any more then download it and give it a go!

Now, before you play Jaguar, I just want you to know, I make these free interactive experiences out of love for you. But I also need your feedback, so I can learn how to make better interactive stories in future.

So please, when you’ve played the game, spare a second to send me feedback at mungotattonbrown at gmail dot com, or on Facebook, or via Twitter.

Play the new and improved version of Jaguar here!

Play Jaguar here. For this beautiful cat.

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