Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG Update

Hi all! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. It was funny weather wasn’t it? So bright and sunny and then pouring down. It was down in London at least. So, how is Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG going?

I’m reaching the final stages of what I can do directly on this project myself, and the last changes throughout the coming months are mostly coming in the form of music from my brilliant composer Odinn Hilmarsson, art from my new and talented artist Lucy, and UI improvements from my UI person (possibly a programming wizz called Tom, this is very much TBC).

I now have sketches of actual potential imagery in the game. Yay!

Most of this weekend has been spent doing tweaks, and preparing the ground for the next pieces to come in from my team. I had the good fortune to run a testing session on Friday in Google Deep Mind’s King’s Cross office with professional game tester Sarah York, which gave me some sweet ideas for interface improvements. I’ve been hearing quite a bit of “you should take these to game events” style comments lately, so you may be able to find me at some games fairs at some point! But the main priority is getting this game as good as it can be. This is where you can get involved – yes YOU!

I love testers, and testing sessions are super useful, so if you want to experience this game yourself for free please email me at mungotattonbrown at gmail dot com. I’ll cook food for you or buy you dinner too.

I also made the imagery for this low-res crystal ball this weekend. You can steal it. You twat.

If you want to check out one of my games right now, why not play Marketforce!, my satirical office-work RPG for PC, or Jaguar, a browser-based political thriller you can play on any platform.

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