9 Observations From My First Two Full Days in Argentina

Yes my photos aren’t all great but my words are all fabulous so fuck you. Also I know this is later than the title says, my internet connection sucks, like really sucks. Jesus get off my back!

1. Patagonia looks like Red Dead Redemption.

Aunt (left) and mum (centre) in unpopular Red Dead Redemption DLC.
It’s like they based it on real environments visually similar to the one I am in or something.

2. I am readily willing to spend £20 to have seven days of inconsistent roaming data.

Refresh and wait all you like, this image will not load.


3. A twelve hour flight really isn’t too bad an experience for me.

I read one and a half books and saw two and a half films and didn’t check Facebook once. Achievement unlocked innit.

Also Everybody watch Manchester By The Sea it’s a fucking amazing film. It’s super sad at times. I almost cried and I’m dead inside.


4. The air in Patagonia is more pleasant and clear than the air in London.

It’s like being in a tampon commercial.


5. Almost nobody was talking in any of the three flights I was on.

Boring observation!


6. I feel calm and free.

Preparing for a holiday can be stressful. This holiday is, in part, a holiday from preparing for this holiday. On Saturday evening I was all breathless packing and running through everything I had forgotten and so on. Now I am a Buddhist cow in a bath, floating gently with a calm smile on my face.

Closest available image.


7. I have read three books already. I did not bring enough books.

This is what books look like from a certain angle.


8. I know he’s being sarcastic but I think Tim Montgomerie is onto something.

Tim Montgomerie onto something


9. At a traditional Argentine restaurant my mum and aunt were asking a lot of questions.

I told the waiter (whose English was excellent) that they were “grilling him”. He did not appreciate the pun. He was correct.


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