HUMUNGO Games – Now With Chickens in Space!

Greetings HUMUNGO Games fans! Mungo here to tell you the latest developments. These are mostly focused around my main game project, Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG. I’m still open for play-through sessions so if you haven’t had a go yet and would like to find out what the fuss is all about, do get in touch. I also make or buy dinner for anyone who plays the game with me.

Enemies Are Now Talkative Twats

Ever wondered what a skeleton would come up with if he was doing a bad Seinfeld impression? WELL WONDER NO MORE. Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG now features:

  • Amateur stand-up comedy skeletons
  • Socialist forest nymphs
  • Camp wasps
  • Depressed Zombies
  • Drag-queen snow witches of ambiguous gender
  • Wedding veils that communicate entirely in haiku
  • Conspiracy-theorist snakes
  • Jilted-lover aliens
  • Christian eyeball monsters
  • Much more

And if you pay careful attention to their declarations, you may just find a clue or two about how to defeat them.

What's the deal
You’ll get to find out what the deal is when you buy my game

Player Characters Now Appear in Battle!

Players in battle
See how Elderberry advances to attack the biker jerk?

Your whole party now appear on screen. This makes the battles much clearer as it is easy to see who is attacking and who is being attacked. Attack anticipations also show who is about to strike – see the translucent ring around Elderberry’s feet on the left.

The Peripatetic Republic of Pullum (Under Construction)

A new chapter is being added. Journey to a faraway land to save Queen-Elect Emelda from the evil Abbot of Songs.


Peripatetic Republic 4
Will you answer the call?



Peripatetic Republic 3
The giant teleporting sun-beam always strikes when you least expect it


Peripatetic Republic 2
Find out when you buy my game

I’m going to create a whole new rocky land floating in a star-lit void, alive with cursed chickens and monstrous demonic monsters. Adventure awaits.

Meanwhile in a Different Part of Space…

Some of you may remember I recently made the first two chapters of an interactive science fantasy story. The Thick of It meets Mad Max meets near-light-speed-travel meets Adele. This is We Happy Crew.


We Happy Crew
My introduction is literally Shakespeare

Happy news my happy crew! I’ve made a number of corrections and edits, as well as introducing some more consequences following from player choices. If you haven’t checked it out, give We Happy Crew a read.

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