New Year’s Changes

Hi All,
Bit of an update here. At the end of January I will be leaving the games industry, maybe for ever. I’m going to be doing a three month immersive course in User Experience design, with the aim of becoming a UX designer later this year.
I still love Indigo Pearl. And I still love making games. But I’m going to be trying for a more realistic long-term career.
I will be releasing more games in future, and they will probably be entirely free! Future game projects will be smaller than my current ones, and will be made more purely for the fun of creation.
I will also be creating other things like stories and plays and songs and improvised live show performances.
HUMUNGO Games the company will probably cease to exist, but the HUMUNGO Games Facebook page and this website will live on.
Love love love,
Mungo xxx

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