School: Stereotyping is bad and based on false prejudices about people

Real life experience:

Every woman who is into both game dev and witchcraft is bisexual

Everyone who graduated from a Russel Group university and is now doing a professional job in London is part of a D&D group

Everyone who has lots of trans friends has lots of autistic friends (and there will be crossover between these two groups)

Every book club in London is made up mostly of blonde feminists one of whom posts the “it’s October 3rd” clip from Mean Girls every year

Every improv group has two members who are polyamorous

Every woman who does caberet and has researched sex work extensively has gone through a true crime podcast phase

Everyone who works for a major tech company in London knows exactly two people who went to the University of York (unless they themselves went to York)

Every PR agency is made up 50% of people who their friends would describe as a “sassy bitch”

Every German person who wants to “practice their English on you” will start by complaining about Brexit

Everyone who discovers you are British while you are living in a foreign country will make a joke about you missing the rain

Every gay man loves Cardi B

Every straight man in their late twenties has a lot of things they’d like to say to their father but they can’t say those things to their father (but they can say some of those things to you)

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