Hi! I’m Morgana, creator of HUMUNGO Games.

This is my personal blog, where you can find things I’ve made for like games, short stories and articles, as well as other material that I hope might spark your interest. My professional portfolio website as a UX/UI Designer is here.

Check out my main game project, Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG, download the world’s greatest satirical business RPG, or try to escape inevitable death right now. Head on over to the highlights section for top written pieces and other goodies or go to everything to see what I’m up to in its entirety.

If you have any recommendations for HUMUNGO Games or want to get in touch, please email me here. I like:

  • Questions
  • Advice
  • Pro bono games production and design opportunities
  • Cultural/political/artistic discussions
  • Anonymous declarations of love
  • Surprises

Sign up for HUMUNGO Games news and goodies here.

If you want to get even more Morgana in your soul, you can add me on Facebookfollow me on Twitter or connect with me on Linkedin.

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