HUMUNGO Games – Now With Chickens in Space!

Greetings HUMUNGO Games fans! Mungo here to tell you the latest developments. These are mostly focused around my main game project, Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG. I'm still open for play-through sessions so if you haven't had a go yet and would like to find out what the fuss is all about, do get in touch. … Continue reading HUMUNGO Games – Now With Chickens in Space!

HUMUNGO Games Latest Update

Hi everyone! Mungo here! I was away last month but I have returned! Here's what has been happening at HUMUNGO Games. 1. Business Cards Yes! My wonderful artist Lucy has designed fabulous business cards for me and herself. They'll be arriving this week. 2. Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG is back Yes, my main game project … Continue reading HUMUNGO Games Latest Update

Quick Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG Update

Hi all! I'll keep this short. Testing In the latest testing session, Mr Qaisar Siddiqui, wordsmith and equality activist, said the following: "I wish it was longer. I had no idea how long I had been playing for. I thought it had been 20 minutes or half an hour, and I was an hour and a … Continue reading Quick Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG Update

HUMUNGO Games – Where We’re At

Hi everyone! Mungo here. Just a quick update to let you know the state of play for HUMUNGO Games at the moment. Marketforce! This satirical business RPG is free to download and available here. Described by a television producer who works with Anthony Horrowitz as "Genuinely hilarious. A great game." Play it and be delighted. Jaguar … Continue reading HUMUNGO Games – Where We’re At

Groovy New Elements in Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG

Specific features I have implemented lately: Colour-coded health bars Enemy health bars indicate their type (i.e. earth, dark, air etc). This makes it easier to pinpoint enemy strengths and weaknesses. More interesting and reactive final boss battle I'm not going to spoil this for you, but Fishsticks and his protective wizards have a larger arsenal of spells and … Continue reading Groovy New Elements in Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG

Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG – progress update

"How's the game-making?" I hear you ask. It's enjoyable, thanks. Progressing. How are you? "Yeah, I'm well. Just saw Fantastic Beasts, which I would give three stars." Cool. Yeah, I hear you can read Rowling's writing as a justification for authoritarianism. "I don't know about that..." *awkward pause* "...Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG is your main project, right?" … Continue reading Evil Badguy Fantasy RPG – progress update