The Beast

From the sooty shanties of Kensington to the overflowing burial mounds of Hyde Park, all one hears of in London today is The Beast. This flesh-eating Lusus Naturae, currently overflowing both the underground network and the world's oldest functioning sewage system, is even the maxime popularis of tight-lipped respectable ladies in what is left of … Continue reading The Beast

The Left’s New Vampires

For hundreds of years, vampires have been regarded as safe Tory voters, but in 2017, for the first time ever, more voted for Labour than the Conservatives. Why? Vampires. Rich. Aristocratic. Extremely traditional. Only a generation ago they were the safest of safe voters for the Conservative Party. Now, fewer than one in three admit … Continue reading The Left’s New Vampires

How to Avoid Endless Online Discussions

As a man who writes a lot online, I am something of an expert in avoiding endless online discussions or arguments. Here are some words of wisdom. You're welcome. Engage. Always engage. If they write something, write something back! Mock the other person's character. The scurrelous twunt. Distract the other person by bringing up unrelated issues. … Continue reading How to Avoid Endless Online Discussions

Hands as Green as Sprouts

Hands as green as sprouts sprinkled salt into the frothing broth. Fire sweltered below the cast-iron cauldron. Flames danced above dripping candles, as Estragon's shadows leapt about the stony tower. He hummed a delighted tune with his raspy voice. Footsteps echoed cold and deep towards him from the stairs below. "Yak's blood, in the soup, dum dum … Continue reading Hands as Green as Sprouts

HUMUNGO Games – Where We’re At

Hi everyone! Mungo here. Just a quick update to let you know the state of play for HUMUNGO Games at the moment. Marketforce! This satirical business RPG is free to download and available here. Described by a television producer who works with Anthony Horrowitz as "Genuinely hilarious. A great game." Play it and be delighted. Jaguar … Continue reading HUMUNGO Games – Where We’re At

Trump is a Centrist and Everybody is Wrong

"I have never considered myself right, left or center. On some issues, such as law enforcement, I do sound like a Birchite: and on others, more like Fidel Castro after two quarts of Appleton’s rum." - these are the words of Truman Capote, the great novelist, spoken in 1968. The Birchites were an advocacy group … Continue reading Trump is a Centrist and Everybody is Wrong

Munganism – The Philosophy of Mungo

Here are a few of my beliefs. Yes, I realise this is a narcissistic thing to do, but you guys keep feeding me with likes and love hearts. Nobody has any idea of what might happen tomorrow, or a year from now. Most of our conversations are after-the-fact explanations. These include mine. Clever people are often … Continue reading Munganism – The Philosophy of Mungo

Marketforce! – Free Download

New free game to download from HUMUNGO Games! Marketforce! is a game is about fighting emails, solving a mystery, and getting to the fourth floor. I made it as a parting gift for my colleagues when I left a B2B conference company called "Marketforce". Now it's available to download! It features an original score by Mungo Tatton-Brown. … Continue reading Marketforce! – Free Download

Jaguar – Free to Play Online

Hi folks! I hope you like the new set-up! I thought you might be interested in checking out the first ever game I made, back in a two week rush in October 2015. It's called Jaguar and it's an interactive short story. Before you download, I want you to know that it is far from perfect … Continue reading Jaguar – Free to Play Online