Reviewing Each of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

The look of a man wrestling with a jar of pickled cucumbers Because the four of you who regularly check in on my blog seem to love my self-aggrandising Jordan Peterson posts so much, I have decided to give a review of each of his 12 rules for life. Why should you care about my … Continue reading Reviewing Each of Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life

The Beast

From the sooty shanties of Kensington to the overflowing burial mounds of Hyde Park, all one hears of in London today is The Beast. This flesh-eating Lusus Naturae, currently overflowing both the underground network and the world's oldest functioning sewage system, is even the maxime popularis of tight-lipped respectable ladies in what is left of … Continue reading The Beast

On Not Being Special

I want to be special. By that I mean I want to be uniquely brilliant. A magical star-being who floats brightly through the cosmos, lighting up every face I encounter and bringing joy to the universe. Most people are not magical star-beings. Most people are human beings made of bones and flesh and skin. Of … Continue reading On Not Being Special