5 Thoughts on The Beatles Get Back

Watching the Beatles documentary. Fascinating stuff and incredibly watchable. Here are 5 thoughts in no particular order: Paul McCartney is clearly a cut above the others in terms of musical ability, charisma, and leadership.(This could be a consequence of the filming and editing process but...) Without mobile phones their recording life comes across as much … Continue reading 5 Thoughts on The Beatles Get Back

Are You Being Too Much?

Listen to this article Dearest reader. I have a confession to make. Although I come across transparently as some kind of divine, beautiful, prolific, charming, delicious, hovering, glowing, idea-generating sky daddy, I am in fact a (kind of) human being. I have flaws like anyone. One of the flaws typical of Gods like Jupiter, Dagr … Continue reading Are You Being Too Much?

How Much Should You Give To Charity?

Credit https://www.pikrepo.com/ffpbn/person-giving-food-to-chick Those of you who follow me on Facebook may know that I've been re-evaluating my charitable giving. Here is the conclusion of that re-evaluation process.I'm putting this up publicly because I hope it encourages others to donate too. I also hope that other people read this and can add to their perspectives on … Continue reading How Much Should You Give To Charity?

New Video Series – Mungo Investigates

Hi all! I am making a new video series for the duration of the lockdown, and maybe beyond. It's called "Mungo Investigates" and in it I attempt to answer your complex philosophical, historical or political questions in a single take. The first episode is out, and in it I answer the question "Does the arc … Continue reading New Video Series – Mungo Investigates

Is Halo 1 Still A Masterpiece?

Those of you who have been following me on other channels may know that I have been playing through some slightly older games recently. I finished Dark Souls last month, and have been whipping and thwacking my way through Bloodborne bit by bit. Halo is much older than these. It was a childhood favourite. My … Continue reading Is Halo 1 Still A Masterpiece?