The Devilish Mr Cummings

(fiction) Ah, Mr Cummings. I must confess, my dear reader, a certain level of admiration for our neoteric inquisitor. He has - unbelievably I know - been in post a mere one hundred and seventy-three days. In this time we have experienced the first Johnson administration, famous for suffering fifteen defeats in its first fifteen … Continue reading The Devilish Mr Cummings

Boris Johnson’s Path to a Majority

Hope drives all sorts of things - belief in God, belief that tomorrow will be better than today, belief that there is a technological or policy solution to humanity's existential problems. It makes you see yourself at a far off future dinner party, telling your eager friends how you got that amazing job you always … Continue reading Boris Johnson’s Path to a Majority

The Beast

From the sooty shanties of Kensington to the overflowing burial mounds of Hyde Park, all one hears of in London today is The Beast. This flesh-eating Lusus Naturae, currently overflowing both the underground network and the world's oldest functioning sewage system, is even the maxime popularis of tight-lipped respectable ladies in what is left of … Continue reading The Beast

23 Ideas for Supervillains That Don’t Suck

Most supervillains are terrible, here are 24 small ideas for better ones Ideals "But why?" The hero says, as around him a screening crowd of orphans burn. The villain actually has a value system that is at least slightly relatable. Meritocracy. The villain has had it with stupid people who don't know what they're doing … Continue reading 23 Ideas for Supervillains That Don’t Suck