What I want from my Labour Party:

Declaration that all newly privatised companies will be returned to public ownership without compensation, effectively preventing new privatization and forcing public discussion on the issue.

A law preventing any ex politician from being employed by any company which has benefited from legislation they enacted, effectively removing a huge part of the “retirement fund” practice of politics.

And end to the ban on sympathy strikes.

A functional tax system in which people pay based on what they earn rather than what’s left after they pretend all their money is in Ireland.

A law forcing newspapers’ apologies and retractions to take up the same page space as the initial lies.

A ban on political donations worth more than £5000.
Full cross party investigations and reports into equality, social mobility, democracy and economic democracy.

A vitriolic public campaign against Lord Rothermore and the Murdoch family as people who “hate Britain” an the grounds that they refuse to legally domicile here and also hate Britain.

A cap on rents in London.

Investigation into the possibility of turning the big six energy companies into customer owned partnerships.

Worker’s representation in all companies employing more than 2000 people.

An English devolution bill.

More bank holidays.

A long term plan to reduce the working week to twenty hours.

Declaration that they will not make any working, dependant or disabled people living in poverty poorer through any changes in the law.

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