You’re always hungry

You have strong opinions, especially about what is right and what is wrong

You’re very visual

You like things to be correct

You worry that social media lets people easily find information that confirms their biases

You worry that you’re too attached to modern technology

You worry that the internet is undermining your attention span

You’ve gotten through a lot this year

You find your friend’s online bragging irritating, but you press the “like” button anyway

You hope those compromises you made were worth it

You have wondered what “feminine” really means

You’ve recently had some improbable sex dreams

You sometimes feel embarrassed about your ambitions

You find reading a book for too long tiring, even though you spend a huge amount of time reading online

You are sceptical of the terms “introvert” and “extrovert” because they are too broad to properly encapsulate your social style

Every now and then, you experience a flashback to something you feel shoulder-tensingly-guilty about. Your heart jumps and you can almost hear the moment. It makes your skin prickle. This flashback is more crisp and detailed than almost all your other memories. Your original revelation of guilt happened in slow motion.

You worry that the internet is undermining your attention span

You already read that line

If somebody asks you who you are, you normally tell them who you are connected to or what you do. If you try to work out who you really are, independent of your connections, you become unsure of yourself.

You wonder whether you have made the right choices

You wonder whether you love too much

You wonder…


You wonder whether this poem is about you

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